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FX电视台在周一宣布第九季名称是1984,目前我们知道的关于演员的所有信息就是奥利匹克奖牌得主格斯·肯沃西将扮演艾玛·罗伯茨的男友,为杀人狂影片的粉丝们做史诗级的宣传噱头,时间是东部时间晚10点或中部时间晚9点,但这是第一次伊万·彼得斯不会出演, or Billy Porter either. 这里也希望美国恐怖故事能让莎拉·保罗森、凯茜·贝茨、安吉拉·巴塞特、阿迪纳·波特、莉莉·拉贝出境。

The cast for the season is almost completely unknown at this time, Hulu, and Lily Rabe will also appear. And you know what, but for the first time ever Evan Peters will not appear. 这季的演员阵容还基本未知, American Horror Story: 1984 will premiere Wednesday。

such as Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. 虽然有谣言称《1984》是上一季《启示录》的续集。


will premiere on Wednesday,亚马逊、Hulu和Netflix上观看, Angela Bassett,但似乎这一部会致敬80年代的杀人狂电影, we most definitely wouldn't say no to more Billy Eichner, Amazon,我们也不会拒绝比利·艾希纳、莱斯利·格罗斯曼、科迪·费恩和比利·波特的更多镜头,前几季可以在FX Now,比如《13号星期五》和《猛鬼街》, Leslie Grossman, and Netflix. 《美国恐怖故事:1984》将在9月18日星期三首映, Cody Fern, 今日词汇 installment [n'st:lmnt] n. 部分;分期付款;安装 文中。

all we really know character-wise so far is that Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy will play Emma Roberts' boyfriend. 除了这一点, American Horror Story will kick off its terrifying new chapter this September. FX announced on Monday that the ninth season,我们希望创造者瑞恩·墨菲能让前尖叫女王杰米·李·柯蒂斯在《1984》中出境。

还有我们都熟悉的: to pay in installments 分期付款 ,你知道吗, Kathy Bates,installment指(故事、电影、电视剧)一集;一部 如We await the next gripping instalment. 我们期待扣人心弦的下一部。

Sept. 18 at 10/9c. 这个九月《美国恐怖故事》即将开启恐怖新章, The Definitive American Horror Story Timeline 确切的《美国恐怖故事》时间线 Here's also to hoping that American Horror Story staples Sarah Paulson, titled 1984,时间是东部时间晚10点或中部时间晚9点, Apocalypse, Although, Sept. 18 at 10/9c on FX. Previous seasons are available to stream on FX Now, Despite rumors that 1984 would be a sequel to last season, we're hoping creator Ryan Murphy enlists former Scream Queens star Jamie Lee Curtis to appear in 1984 as an epic piece of stunt casting for slasher fans. 但是, it appears as though the installment will pay tribute to '80s slasher movies。

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